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09/12/2008 Model: Alice Strange Cumbot2: Sybian
Shackled on the Sybian
53 Pics , 15:04 video.

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08 Nov 2011 JP wrote: Absolutely sexy masturbation scene, she cums really nice too! Would love to see more of her!

17 Jul 2010 samlas wrote: Actually, I dig the shoes

28 May 2009 John_the_Author wrote: It was clear she was not faking her orgasms! Loved the way she quivered when she went off.

28 Dec 2008 dazza wrote: this lady rocked great effort fun 2 watch. get her back

03 Nov 2008 John wrote: Very good - it would have been perfect if her shoes were off as she would then appear more vulnerable and the movement of her feet would tell the story of the sensations she feels - the control should be more remote so that the operator doesn't have to enter the scene to change the settings of the sybian - and it would be really perfect for me if there were two burly guys bringing her in, putting her on the machine and strapping her wrists and ankles in place as she struggles. I hope to see more with the girls in this position (no shoes please).

13 Sep 2008 Christopher wrote: OMG. Wow. What a trooper, but a lady shoudn't be made to come so hard and so often. I hope Alice recovered quickly after she was released.

13 Sep 2008 allOfUs wrote: Spreadeagle on the Sybian: congratulations. I've always liked standing spread-eagle (Kat, for example) - more please.

10/03/2008 Model: Alice Strange Cumbot2: The Invader
Tied Wide and Begging to Cum
22 Pics , 8:00 video.

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04 Nov 2008 John B. wrote: This clip is exceptional but I wish she would have washed her feet which are filthy and a lap belt would have been a nice additional restraint.

16 Oct 2008 jan wrote: nice

08 Oct 2008 pain wrote: I love this hottie

10/24/2008 Model: Alice Strange Cumbot2: The Invader
Stocked, Stuffed and Screaming
57 Pics , 11:24 video.

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16 May 2009 John_the_Author wrote: Too bad you couldn't have had a milking machine on her nipples; that would've made her "Bingo" better getting stimulated at both ends!


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