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Amber Rayne

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01/17/2006 Model: Amber Rayne Cumbot2: The Invader
Can\'t Get Enough
115 Pics , 5:44 video.

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31 Jan 2011 Dude28 wrote: There is something really hot about a pretty girl who clearly enjoys being tied down for sex (especially with no men getting in the way). I really like the way girls like Amber Rayne, Anestasia Pierce and Hailey Madsen, have a slight smile as they intently screw machines. That's hot. The worried, pitiful, struggling is not for me. I like their lean slender builds and delicate fair skin. I like to see them tied but not too tightly. They need to move because their movements are fantastic. The ball gags are over rated. It makes no sense. to me. to hide or contort such a pretty face like theirs. Thankfully my favorite girls don't seem to use them here. There is a cute femine charm in what little they wear too, in a nice contrast with the thoroughly vigorous mechanized shagging they recieve. They are the best and I like them just the way they are.

22 Feb 2009 woodpecker wrote: I really like Amber's skinny body, and I like watching her when she is tied up and being fucked. Having said that: You don't have to tie up a model on this site, but if you do the tying should add to her helplessness and exposure. Cuffing Amber's wrists behind her back did none of these, it just kept her from reaching her breasts and clit (which she clearly wanted to do). Next time, please, have Amber fucked in a nice, tight spreadeagle, or hogtied with ankles crossed and elbows tied together - she can take it.

23 Nov 2008 scrwmachine wrote: Another pale, skinny, redhead model - awesome. Having her tied up and fucked by a machine - priceless! Amber has a genuine orgasm in this.

08/23/2010 Model: Amber Rayne Cumbot2: Black Magic
Bottom Feeder
115 Pics , 10 video.

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09 Nov 2011 dirk wrote: amber rayne- you are the best!!!greetings from norway!

17 Oct 2010 Garfold wrote: Nice job. Amber's is a slut's slut. However, you were too lenient with her. She needs to be double penetrated, with dildos in her ass and cunt, and a hefty vibrator on her clit. Now THAT would be a great show!

11/21/2005Getting a peep at the goods - 78 pics - Four fingers - 59 pics - Marathon fuck - 60 pics

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