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Angela Stone

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05/25/2009 Model: Angela Stone Cumbot2: Sybian
Geyser Girl
41 Pics , 10:11 video.

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27 May 2009 Ogre wrote: THEY ALL? It seems you assume Angela is high. Did you ever consider that she may have very bad allergies and was on allergy medication that made her very sleepy? Could bad allergies create puffy eyes? And now you assume that all the models need to be hopped up on drugs to shoot? Did you consider that your are an ass with a huge foot in your mouth? Shut up and jerk off, OK?

26 May 2009 Michael wrote: Great update, I have one question. How much dope does this woman need to smoke before the update gets started? Ever hear of Visine? It's kind of creepy knowing they have to be all hopped up on drugs to shoot an update. Sad..

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