Georgia Southe

Georgia Southe

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01/10/2006 Model: Georgia Southe Cumbot2: Mini Stallion
Southern Squirt
132 Pics , 15:30 video.

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30 Jul 2008 Runken wrote: Georgia constantly On My Mind!

02/27/2006 Model: Georgia Southe Cumbot2: The Attache
Southern Bound
127 Pics , 8:57 video.

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25 Aug 2010 AC wrote: This is hands down the best video you have, why is there not more of the woman??? Unlike the other models she really looks like she is enjoying herself. Here timing in pulling away from the machine is just about perfect. I would love to see this woman laying on her side, knees together and bent taking on two machines at the same time.

16 May 2009 John_the_Author wrote: The way she was banging around, cussing and struggling in the first 30 seconds, I thought this would be the best video yet. Not so! I would've liked to have seen her cum while the dildo was banging her; she would've had REAL multiple orgasms. Who cares if she can spew pussy-cream across the room?! I don't. Tighten up the restraints a bunch, rig the machine so she can't get away from it and let `er rip.

20 Feb 2009 woodpecker wrote: Georgia's reactions are amazing. I'd really have liked to watch how she reacts if she's not allowed to pull away at the moment of orgasm. You could have pulled the ties a bit tighter and just reduced the speed at the critical moment - after all, that liquid is designed for lubrication, isn't it? Anyway, great session.

03 Nov 2008 John B. wrote: This is probably the best video on your site - the lady is clearly helpless and vulnerable to the ministrations of the machine - I do wish that you would make the one she suggested with the second dildo going to another location - and I love this stainless steel table.

21 Jan 2008 LittleArnie wrote: I LOVE this girl! Her pussy is as lovely as her face! Her squirting again and again make me breathless! Wish I was there!

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