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02/28/2011 Model: Kara Dax Cumbot2: The Invader
Bottoms Up
89 Pics , 14:00 video.

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19 Mar 2014 Doug wrote: Best scene on the site so far!!!

14 Mar 2014 Steve wrote: Sorry but I totally disagree. I like them naked and vulnerable.


24 Oct 2011 Name BRIAN. wrote: I agree with the other guys comments about sexy lingerie being a turn-on. There is nothing like a bit of "Window-Dressing" to enhance the charms of your young ladies.So maybe another site catering for such tastes might not be such a bad idea.

08 May 2011 knucks1947 wrote: Kara is both beautiful and sexy!There's nothing like a sexy woman wearing garter belt and stockings to turn me on.I agree with Shrike that you should look into creating a new site on Dungeoncorp that specializes in girls wearing a variety of lingerie,stockings and high heels.I'm definitely into girls that look like Kara.

28 Feb 2011 shrike wrote: i appreciate all the hose, shoes and lingerie that has been appearing more frequently than usual lately. there is of course the age old debate, clothes v. naked, shoes v. bare feet, etc. since the pope's ropes isn't going to be updated any more, perhaps you can create a new sub-site on dungeoncorp dealing more specifically with hosiery, high heels, corsetts, teddies and the like. regardless, i like the increased presence across all the sites lately

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