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06/10/2006 Model: Kat Slave Cumbot2: Sybian
Can\'t get enough
152 Pics , 16:19 video.

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08/02/2006 Model: Kat Slave Cumbot2: Stallion
Fuck for days
117 Pics , 9:55 video.

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09/16/2006 Model: Kat Slave Cumbot2: Black Magic
Standing Bondage Fuck
47 Pics , 5:46 video.

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Members Comments
19 Jul 2010 samlas wrote: love the heels

16 May 2009 John_the_Author wrote: A-cup women don't usually turn me on, but there were some other details that made me glad I clicked in to see it. Her ball gag was properly sized and her bindings was erotic and well thought out. Mostly, I was pleased with the way her wrists were bound. I like to see a model bound with the knots or restraint buckles behind her wrists so she can't reach them or hang on. It makes her look more helpless to see her hands flailing about and reaching nothing but empty air. This is a small but important detail often overlooked; kudos for using it here. Like charlie said below my comment --- let's see more bondage and gags here on Cumbots.

22 Feb 2009 woodpecker wrote: Hot stuff! It's great to watch that thing really go all the way in, and she just CAN'T escape. I'd like to see other models in this position too.

21 Sep 2008 dman wrote: I agree this is one hot set more of this please. :)

24 Nov 2007 charlie wrote: she looks gorgeous all trussed up & gagged in this set....one of my favourites! please more bondage & gags like on Perfect Slave....it looks SO sexy! on these beautiful babes.


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