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10/18/2010 Model: Katie Jordin Cumbot2: The Invader
On the Prowl
109 Pics , 10 video.

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30 Oct 2010 Popeye wrote: Very nice! Great looking girl, great bondage, great camera work! An "A"

22 Oct 2010 jkLover wrote: as of 20101022_1209 pacific time, mp4 works fine with VLC player 1.1.4. (no I don't work for whoever writes VLC ...) I'm not wishing to sound racist or anything, but any hope of more other than white caucasian models? I remember in 2005 that Stacey Cash was fantastic and recently Beti Hana appeared. They've been about it. I realize of course that models have to come to you first...

19 Oct 2010 Jack wrote: Once again, looks good... Once again, mp4 broken... This is becoming a rather disturbing trend on the sites. I'd rather have late, WORKING, updates, than updates that are on time and can't be played.

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